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The Power of WHO!

2 Oct

Writing a book to encourage and inspire people about how to go for their dreams and goals has been a dream of mine for many years! Now that its out and is having such a positive effect on peoples lives –it is a dream come true.

Throughout this process I learned the truth that we’re all created “A Cup Short” of greatness. Because in order to author this book and get the word out on The Power of WHO I had to Remember , Reach-Out and Re-Connect with my WHO! I had to seek out and find my real diamonds, those special friends who love me and wanted to help in any way they could just for the sheer Joy of seeing me successfully complete this book! I’ve learned firsthand—It’s all about The Power of WHO!

People ask me “What can I do to help? What is the “Tipping Point” for The Power of WHO?” The “Tipping Point is YOU! I need help from my Who to share the book, buy it for their WHO, Tweet about it, share the videos on their Facebook and LinkedIn and Blog about it!

Thanks in advance! May the message of “Doing Life with Your Friends” transform your thinking into a whole new realm of “Living Large!”

You Got WHO!!
Bob Beaudine