Who Stories

This paradigm shattering concept has the ablity to change the trajectory of your life. The fact that we already know everyone we need to know might seem foreign, but we live it in some measure of our lives daily.

Have you ever needed a minor repair but couldn’t afford the high cost of a service call? Did you have a friend say, “Let me call my buddy ______ and see if he can help”? Have you ever given a personal referral? Well, if so… that’s a real-life demonstration of the Power of Who in its simplest form.

The Power of Who teaches us that if you really want to pursue your dreams and goals, you have to get out the box and into your circle of friends. We must begin to Remember, Reach-out and Re-connect with our friends and start asking them for help and giving them help in return.

Once we change our paradigm from “Me first!” “Me alone!” and “I can do it by myself!” to “How I can help you?”  “What do you need?” and “Yes, I will help!” then everything in our lives will change for the better.

The Power of WHO has transformed the lives of many people and below is just one of many Who Stories that proves this “Power”.  Read Denton’s story and see how The Power of WHO worked in his life.

Denton’s Story

Bob’s book is a life saver. People don’t realize how easy it really is until they read his book.

I was facing a crossroads in my life recently after deciding to return to school at Baylor at the age of 30 with a wife and family. After asking around through family members and others to find a co-signer, I had practically given up on the opportunity to finish school. Soon thereafter, pretty much out of the blue, my WHO friend (my best friend since childhood, Marco) called me and told me he believed in me and would co-sign my final student loan.

Marco, co-signing my loan, was a blessing and proof that all you really need to do when in need is to reach out to your WHO friends for help and advice. Like Bob says, your WHO friends are the ones that really care and are going to give you the best words of wisdom and will point you in the right direction in terms of meeting your ultimate dreams and goals!

In addition to Marco co-signing my loan, my “story” is still far from complete. WHO friends have really been the answer my whole life in different situations, I just never realized it until reading Bob’s book. I continue to experience the Power of WHO on a daily basis and hope and pray I will continue to experience that the rest of my life.

As a die-hard sports fan and hopefully up-and-coming sports writer and music reviewer, many of my hopes and dreams have already begun coming true thanks to the Power of WHO. Thank you, Bob, for your wonderful and simple words of advice in your book.

With great coaches at Baylor such as Art Briles and Scott Drew as close WHO friends of Bob’s, there’s no doubt in my mind that Bob and his principles are a winner from top to bottom. Let Bob change your life positively as well — pick up a copy of The Power of WHO as soon as you can. His simple words will propel your life in the right direction and will help you reach dreams you never before thought possible…

How has The Power of WHO worked in your life?

  • reconnected and created better relationships with Who Friends?
  • reignited your dreams?
  • found a new career and life path based on your passions?

Please Leave a Reply and Share Your WHO Story!


One Response to “Who Stories”

  1. Mark Modesti March 4, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    This book prepared me, though I didnt know it at the time, by helping me put in place the relationships that would sustain me through the darkest times of my life. it’s a a life-changer!

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