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The Most Amazing Secrets/Profound Ideas are the Simplest, but Sometimes…They’re the Hardest to See.

31 Mar

I’ve always loved treasure hunts, secret doors, that special Access Key or finding something amazing that was there all the time but was hidden somehow from our eye. Well, let me share a secret…

Something profound was going on beneath the surface, something that I would later come to understand as a dynamic principle at work. I began to notice it operating in the lives of people with whom I would interact. But it took me a while to connect the dots on exactly what it was. I soon discovered that this principle has always been there but because of its subtle nature tends to remain hidden.  It’s like gravity and wind—you can’t actually see them, but their effect is obvious. This powerful principle has been utilized by successful dream seekers throughout time. It’s not complicated; it’s really very simple. Here it is:

You Already Know Everyone You Need To Know!

Before you balk at the simplicity of that statement, let it sink in a bit. I’m telling you it’s true. I’ve seen it work over and over again. Let me say it again. You already know everyone you need to know. Please go back and read it once more, and this time read it aloud. You might say to yourself, “Okay, fine. Got it, next.”  Or you might completely dismiss it as not important and totally miss out on how this principle can work for you.

Power of WHO tips

  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t already know enough people who can help you on your quest. It’s really not the best use of your time and energy to start sending e-mails out to people you don’t know or having lunches with strangers.
  • If you really want to pursue a worthy goal or make a significant change in your life, you don’t go external in your approach, you go internal.  
  • It’s a false notion to think that your success will come from a bunch of people you don’t know. Don’t expect strangers or even acquaintances to care about you or your goals unless they perceive a desired benefit for themselves.
  • What’s hindered you from getting off the dime? I’ll tell you. You haven’t employed the “Power of Partnering.” Find out more!
  • When we allow others access to our personal world, we give them the opportunity to see into us in ways we’re not able to see ourselves. Help others see the potential you see in them and allow others to give you clues about what they see in you. Everyone involved will enjoy the view.

How do I stay out of dead-end job’s/relationships? Check-out 6 Power of WHO Tips!

30 Mar

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. . . He who looks outside, dreams.  He who looks inside, awakens.” ~Carl Jung

Everybody wants things and has dreams, but that’s not enough if you want to be the best. You have to be willing to pay the price, and to pay such a price, you have to “See It” first and then be accountable to it.  Unfortunately…much of life is camouflaged.  If your life or career becomes monotonous your head starts to tilt downward. It’s unconscious. You don’t even know you’re doing it–but keeping your head down prevents you from looking up.  Yogi Berra was right when he said, “You can see a lot just by lookin’!”

Discernment is the ability to see things deeply—beyond the obvious and below the surface.  A hawk soars along hunting for prey hiding in the brush.  Because of its extraordinary eyesight the hawk sees what’s hidden just under the ground clutter and so gets its reward.  Discernment is like having the eyes of a hawk.  It enables you to see below the surface of things.  If you’re going to successfully traverse the unpredictable, often rough and treacherous waters of life you’ll need the ability to read the currents below. 

Power of WHO Tips

  1. As you begin to think about pursuing dreams and goals, you’re going to need to give yourself a “time-out.”   A time to disengage.  You have to regularly clear your thoughts.  This is best accomplished in a calm, quiet, soothing environment that inspires—a place where the constant noise of the regular world is not heard.
  2. A “time-out” could keep you from getting stuck for several more years in a job/relationship that leads to another dead end. 
  3. Read, walk, pray, meditate, watch a good sunset—whatever stills the pond—whatever gets you off the treadmill.  If you don’t take this seriously you will, more than likely, settle for just another counterfeit.
  4. There are millions of people who never do this, so they remain stuck where they are.  They’re not willing to take the risk of being alone with just their thoughts, or they don’t really believe they’ll discover anything new.  Don’t be part of that crowd.  It’s a dead end.
  5. Keep looking up with an expectant, hope-filled heart and you will encounter some things that will have a deep, restorative effect.  Life will surprise you sometimes with something so wonderful you can’t believe it.
  6. When you rediscover what makes you feel fulfilled, satisfied, and content, you will have accomplished something very significant.

What am I doing right now to steer my life in the direction of the future I truly desire?

26 Mar

In sailing, when you set a course for a destination, it’s necessary to stay on that course until you arrive. Bad weather (unforeseen circumstances) might blow you off course temporarily but, as soon as possible, you reestablish the correct heading.

The same is true of your destiny. Set the course of your desired future and stick to it. Many don’t. They start out with the best of intentions but when the “winds of life” blow them off course they just go with the flow and never get back on track. Because of “forgetfulness,” you can lose your ability to watch carefully, and so end up just taking life as it comes . . . or worse, crashing on the rocks.

Power of WHO Tips/Questions

  • You’re heading somewhere right now. Life is in motion. Do you like your current direction?
  • Who’s steering the ship of your life? Do you have a firm grip on the wheel or have you been on autopilot for so long you forgot where you were supposed to be going?
  • It’s way too depressing and frustrating to have dreams, goals, and a vision for where you want to go but no way to get there—or even an inkling of how to get started.
  • Take hold of the wheel, you’re closer than you think . . .

Payne Stewarts Key to Success? There was No Quit in Him!

24 Mar

Wearing those old-time knickers, his fist pumping forward and leg in the air, Payne Stewart, one of golf’s greatest players, thrilled fans at the U.S. Open back in 1999 as the final winning putt rolled into the cup.

But the road that led to winning that major championship was a rough one.  During his career there were a lot of missed cuts, second-place finishes, and complete collapses (it happens to all of us, doesn’t it?).  One year while playing in front of his hometown Dallas crowd and SMU friends at the Byron Nelson Classic, he blew it and lost the tournament on the first play-off hole.  His face told the whole story.  I could tell he felt he had let everyone down (and you thought you were the only one who ever felt that way).  We all watched him walk off hand in hand with his wife, Tracy, back to the clubhouse.  It was a long and lonely walk for both of them.  No cheering crowd, no standing ovation, just a small group of reporters waiting to pepper him with questions about the loss.

But did Payne quit? Of course not!  There was no quit in him.  Don’t let there be any in you, either.

Power of Who Tips:

  • The amazing minority of people who are successful dreamers realize that their dreams are not going to happen overnight.
  • It’s an all too common fact that most people just give up too soon.  They meet with some adversity, allow themselves to become discouraged, and give up, convinced that their particular dream is not worth the effort or is just not meant to be. Big Mistake!
  • Proactively working toward achieving a dream is a process of trial and error, setbacks and dead ends, disappointments and discoveries.
  • If Payne was here today, He would tell you that the dream you choose to follow has to be its own reward.  That your dream must be something that has the power to keep you motivated and in pursuit no matter what, because no matter what–Payne would tell you that  you’ll have to persevere.
  • We all miss you Payne!

Tell-Em Frank Beaudine from Chicago!

22 Mar

I’ll never forget…My Dad taking me backstage to see Frank Sinatra after one of his shows in Las Vegas.  I was about 13 at the time but the moment made an indelible imprint on my approach to business and life.  You see, Frank Sinatra was the “King” and no one else was like him at the time.  So the idea of going backstage and actually getting a moment with the “King” was not only improbable but was something most normal people would find extremely intimidating to even try.

But Dad always taught me that…“nothing can hold back or deter the firm resolve of a determined soul.”  When we got to the backstage door there was a very large man guarding the entrance.  My dad announced that we were here to see Frank Sinatra. The guard snickered and said he wasn’t available.  It was then I heard my dad forcefully and confidently say: “Tell-Em Frank Beaudine from Chicago is here.”  “I’m sorry” the guard said.  “He’s not available!”  “Listen” my dad said with a stern face:  “My son and I don’t have a lot of time!  Tell-Em Frank Beaudine- from Chicago!”

Now the guard had to think quickly  What if we did know Mr. Sinatra?  Would he be upset with him that he didn’t bring Frank Beaudine and his son back to say hello.  (The reality was that we didn’t know him at all but… he didn’t know that.)  So it came down to confidence, boldness and one of the ‘classic lines’ I’ve ever heard—“Tell-Em Frank Beaudine from Chicago.”

What happened next was amazing… The guard said hold on and went back to tell Mr. Sinatra we were outside.  It was only 30 seconds before we were ushered in.  What did Mr. Sinatra say when we entered?  Frank!!  How are you?  How’s Chicago my friend?

Power of WHO tips…

  • Don’t sit on the sidelines of life.  Be prepared, confident, bold and brave!
  • Possible things aren’t worth much.  Crazy impossible things keep us passionate and alive.
  • “Just Do It” seems sparse in its austere simplicity, but behind its profound wisdom is the stuff dreams are made of.
  • The people who act on their ideas are in the minority.

Frank Beaudine from Chicago

Find out what Tom Selleck says about finding your Dream!

21 Mar

Let me tell you about one of the most unforgettable business trips of my life.  I was working out in the hotel gym when Tom Selleck came in.  He is one of my favorite actors.  I loved him in Magnum P.I.  

I was on a bike and he jumped on one next to mine.  I wasn’t going to say anything to him—just let him have his quiet workout time but he started a conversation with me.  He was interested in my job, my family, my life.  He was just a good guy wanting to pass some time while riding the bike!  He loved the fact that I did sports recruiting.  He was a really good athlete himself in baseball and volleyball. He told me he had initially wanted to be an architect but stumbled on to modeling and acting. The conversation came around to how hard it was to get a break in that business.  He said it had taken years and years of acting classes, workshops, and summer stock, but he loved all the work.  Friends and family, of course, questioned his choice, after so many rejections, because he was too tall, had the wrong look, was too good-looking, etc.  It was always “not this, not that.”  I told him it was the same in the business world and asked how he stayed the course through all the so-called failures. Why hadn’t he quit?

“It’s all here between the ears,” he said. “You have to decide to follow your dream, commit, and, most of all, turn so-called failures into successes.  In one moment it happened for me.  I got the part in Magnum P.I., and the rest is history.  All those years being hungry, practicing persistence, and believing this is what I was supposed to do paid off, I guess.”

Power of WHO Tips: 

  • The school of hard knocks, whether in business, politics, sports, or entertainment, should be viewed as just another method to test your coolest and craziest “knockout ideas.”
  • You work and work and work until it works for you.
  • The “best of the best” never run from failure; they analyze the causes and make sure mistakes aren’t repeated.
  • We all make mistakes and experience setbacks. How you respond to these bumps in the road is everything!

There’s Something to Being Positive! Meet 102 yr. old-Charlie McMahan!

4 Mar

Winston Churchill once said: “For myself, I’m an optimist-It does not seem to be much use being anything else.” I agree!  But unfortunately the world we live in must question the value of being positive–All I can say is–they need to meet Charlie!

One of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met is my great “WHO friend” Jim McMahan’s Gramps-Charlie.  Charlie is 102 years and two months old! Born in 1907!  He has touched every decade in the last century and now is into the next one. Charlie’s an amazing wealth of wisdom, joy and love to his family and friends.  Being with his gramps is one of Jim’s favorite “moments!”  He is always bragging on him!  You would too!

Just think about it!  Charlie’s been through World War’s, the Great Depression, from President Teddy Roosevelt to President Obama.  Without a doubt, the most important development in transportation during Charlie’s life was the rise of the gas powered automobile and the airplane!!  Other great people born in 1907 besides Charlie- Gene Autry, John Wayne, Laurence Olivier and Katherine Hepburn-He’s outlived em all!  Can you imagine what a blessing it would be to have “Great-Great Grandchildren” you could mentor and encourage like Charlie does!

I had the honor and opportunity to talk to Charlie this year on his birthday in December and asked him: “How are you Charlie?  How you feeling?”  He told me: “Ya know Bob, its probably one of best days I’ve ever had, I’m so blessed!”  He said this with such a passionate committed tone in his voice.  Then he said: “Overall, I dont have any big aches or pains and I gotta tell you Bob, I believe I am the richest man in the world because I have so many friends and people who care about me.”

In Proverbs it says: “A cheerful heart is good medicine!”  It sure has been for Charlie McMahan!  Charlie sees life as a glass half-full!  He always tells Jim to enjoy life, slow down-visit with people, be balanced, and yes…help others.  Jim’s a chip off the old block!  One of Charlies tips: Take a nap every day or at least on the weekend!  (I need that! How about you?)

Im sure your not surprised that Charlie is still an avid reader, so I sent him a copy of my new book and here is the picture he sent back!  I’ll treasure this! So is there “something” to being positive? Yes!  And Charlie is a beacon of light on the subject!  He reminds us all: Life is a gift.  Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in!  Thank you Charlie McMahan! You clearly “Got WHO!”