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Mike Tyson/The Power of WHO-5 Tips on How to Get up-When Knocked-Down in Life!

18 Apr

The “Great Philosopher” Mike Tyson once said… “Everyone has a plan, until they’re Hit!”

Just as we aren’t born with all the skills we need, neither are we were born with a strategy for living. We learn about life by living it, by pushing out on life while life pushes back on us. This is how we create our own space.

No matter how well organized we are or how well we prepare for contingencies, we will face adversity in our lives.  In fact , in terms of certainty, adversity ranks right up there with death and taxes.  As Paul Harvey has said:  “In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.”  It’s impossible to maintain the “status quo” for any prolonged period.

Fortunately, however, we can find a bright side. In fact, if we can keep the “knock-downs” we encounter in the right perspective, we can deal with them rather effectively. We can not only minimize their negative aspects, but we can even reap benificial results and personal growth from them.

5 Power of WHO Tips

  • A “Knock-Down” can take us all into unfamiliar territory.  It can disorient you unless you stay alert and immediately acclimate to your new circumstances. When you’re hit-Don’t dwell on the past. Order yourself, “Eyes forward!”
  • Get Up!  Get off the mat!  It’s an all too common fact that most people just give up too soon.  They meet with some adversity, allow themselves to become discouraged, and give up, convinced that their particular dream/goal is not worth the effort or is just not meant to be.  Big Mistake!
  • There’s a rock-solid rule about being “knocked-down” that will help you tremendously.  Write this rule down and keep it where you’ll see it every day until it becomes a part of you, for it will be a very powerful ally.  “Regard the unknown as friendly and ultimately beneficial.”
  • The “best of the best” never run from failure; they analyze the causes and make sure mistakes aren’t repeated.  We all make mistakes and experience setbacks.  How you respond to these “Knock-Downs” is everything!
  • When I get knocked-down in life, I ask myself these three simple questions.

* Does God know my situation? ( Yes, He’s God.)
* Is He ok with the situation/problem I’m in? (He must be-I’m in it!)
* Does He have a Great Plan/Purpose ahead for me and you? (Yes! Absolutely!                                 Start looking for it!)

One of my favorite quote is from G.K. Chesterton. He said: “The one thing in life that gives radiance above other things is that there is something great just around the corner!” Look For It! You Got WHO!


When a crisis comes, people do the craziest things–Beware, Avoid the Bunker!

13 Apr

Unexpected change can be overwhelming.  When a crisis comes, people do the craziest things. They go bonkers and begin to bunker.

“Bunkering” is when you try to sneak away and hide while hoping everything will just work out. You fool yourself into believing you can manage your crisis alone. You internalize everything and shut out everyone around you. Big Mistake!  That’s doing exactly the opposite of what you need most.

Power of WHO Tips

  • What you really need is someone who will confidentially listen, care, and help strategize with you!  You need your “Who”!  Those people who care about you and want to help . . . “just because.”
  • You need true friends who know you and can remind you how successful you’ve been and how your next success is “just around the corner.”
  • Each of us has our own “Who” network.  However, too many of us have let it slip right out of our hands. If you’ve allowed that to happen, you’ve gotta get it back!  
  • If you’re going to succeed in accomplishing any goal you’ll achieve it quicker and with better results when you get a little help from your friends.
  • The most amazing secrets and the most profound ideas are the simplest, but a lot of times they’re the hardest to see.

The Beatles/The Power of WHO—It’s Not Just Any “Who” that will Help You!

8 Apr

What if each of us had been given key relationships in our lives that have been specifically placed there to help us in ways we never imagined?  And what if those special people were not just happenstance acquaintances but were, instead, strategic relationships meant to be actively involved in helping us find that place in life we always dreamed about?  Could it be that we’ve missed the simplicity behind this mysterious thing called destiny?  What if the real problem of finding your dream or achieving that goal isn’t about who you don’t know, but whom you’ve neglected?

If I challenged you to stop right now and refocus your efforts on pursuing a lifelong dream or even a short-term goal, what would it be? Once you answer that question I have two more. Who would you call for assistance and how many would you call? Have you ever stopped long enough to think about your “Who” network? You might say, “I don’t have a ‘Who’ network!” I’m telling you, you do! You Got “Who”!

Each person you already know today links you to another and another until you see the opportunity you were meant to follow and accomplish. Did you know that 80 percent of the available jobs never get advertised?  Why?  Because personal references from friends or friends of friends make the biggest impact on who gets the job.  That’s just the way it is.  Now when some read this they might think, “I know what you’re talking about, it’s not what you know, but who you know, and who knows you.”  NO! That’s not what I’m saying at all!  It’s not just any “Who” that will help you—it’s a specific “Who”!

The Beatles sang, “Help, I need somebody.” But do you remember the next line?  “Help, not just anybody!”

Power of WHO Tips

Today, you and I need the special relationships we’ve been given in our lives to not only survive but to thrive! So who will you turn to? Anybody? Or your Somebody?  There are several reasons you don’t want to go to just “Anybody” to get the help you need:

  • Anybody doesn’t really care about your dream, so don’t waste your time asking them for help.
  • Anybody isn’t reliable. They usually give advice that’s convenient and helpful for them rather than useful to you.
  • Anybody doesn’t know you personally, so they are too busy with their own agenda to stop and help you.

So, don’t ask just “Anybody” for help.  The person you want to ask is a “Who” friend.  “Who” friends are not just “Anybody,” they’re your special “Somebody.”

  • Somebody really does care about you and your dream and has the power and willingness to help you.
  • Somebody is reliable.  They are willing to take the time and effort to mentor, guide, and assist you in every way they can.
  • Somebody knows you personally, likes you, and will make the time to help you.

Frank Sinatra/The Power of WHO– “My Way” not an Effective Strategy for Dreamers & Job Seekers!

6 Apr

The Song “My Way,” made popular by Frank Sinatra, glorifies the philosophy of going it alone.  But it’s just a song. It’s not real. Actually, Mr. Sinatra didn’t do it his way. Paul Anka wrote the song!  There was also an arranger, an orchestra and conductor, a recording studio, a sound engineer, and a record company.  It was a collaborative effort. In other words, there were lots of other people involved in helping Ol’ Blue Eyes do it “his way.”  Sinatra was a great singer and gifted performer but without the help of others we may never have heard his voice.

Power of WHO Tips

  • The wise person understands that trying to go it alone is a sure way to run into insurmountable obstacles and costly mistakes!
  • You might be a genius in some area of your life, but you’re going to need others to assist you where you’re not strong.
  • Remember, whatever it is you want to accomplish you’re going to need your “Who.”  Going it alone is like trying to speed walk on the moon.  It’s hard to get traction.  Conversely, tapping into your “Who” network is like walking on one of those people movers at the airport.  You just step on and all of a sudden there’s a power underneath transporting you to your destination faster than you could get there by yourself.
  • Your “Who” friends undergird you with a power you don’t have on your own.  They’ll ask their “Who” to help you get you where you want to go.  They’ll open doors for you that you couldn’t open alone and get you connected.
  • Wouldn’t it be tremendous to find out that the one person you need to know to accomplish a goal or fulfill your dream turns out to be a close, personal friend?

John Wayne/The Power of WHO-How to Not only Survive but Thrive in this Economy!

5 Apr

 You’re probably familiar with some of the “tongue-in-cheek” exaggerations of my dad’s generation. The World War II guys would say things like “Why, when I was your age I walked three miles in the snow to school every day, and it was uphill both ways!”

It was the John Wayne philosophy that said, “To truly make it in life, son, you have to go it alone.” Fortunately, my dad never taught me those concepts. Yes, he did teach me the value of hard work.  But he also taught me the tremendous value of teamwork, coming alongside others to accomplish a common goal. You and I need the special relationships we’ve been given not only to survive but thrive in this impossible world.

The Bible refers to King Solomon as “the wisest man who ever lived.” He said: two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.

 Power of WHO Tips

  • The point is clear-we’re not designed to go it alone!  You need your “Who.”
  • Don’t attempt to do life on your own. Get off the “lone ranger” treadmill. That thing will wear you out and put you in an early grave. Running faster and harder all alone is clearly not a good strategy.
  • The science people who study this stuff tell us that we only use a small percentage of our brainpower.  The same is true when it comes to our “Who.”  Most of us haven’t been taking advantage of all that’s available.  We’re going through life with the misconception that our dreams and goals can be accomplished without any help from others.
  • Pity the people who think they don’t need coaches, teachers, mentors, parents, or friends to help and advise them. If you’re among that misguided group, I’ve got a news flash for you: We’re all “A Cup Short!” 
  • One of the greatest mistakes in business today is that most people never reach out for help, never lean on their “Who” in times of need. If you want to thrive, not just survive—you have to “Remember, Reach Out and Re-Connect” with your “Who” Network! Start today!

John Grisham/The Power of WHO-What it takes to Find Your Dream?

4 Apr

The person who writes a book understands that you don’t quit your job, take six months out of your life, and go to a secluded island somewhere to do it.  Instead, these doers of dreams have figured out that a book is written one page at a time, so they chip away at it, a little every day or every other day until it’s finished.

John Grisham dreamed of becoming an author.  His first book took three years to write because he was working full-time in a law firm. But he had the discipline, born of a joyful desire, to work at it an hour at a time.  Today, he is considered one of the most prolific and successful authors of all time.  Now he can buy his own secluded island!

Power of WHO Tips

  1. The amazing minority of people who are successful dreamers realize that their dreams are not going to happen overnight.
  2.  If you believe that dreams just come true on their own, perhaps you should buy some lottery tickets.
  3. It’s an all too common fact that most people just give up too soon. They meet with some adversity, allow themselves to become discouraged, and give up, convinced that their particular dream is not worth the effort or is just not meant to be.  Big Mistake!
  4. Proactively working toward achieving a dream is a process of trial and error, setbacks and dead ends, disappointments and discoveries.
  5. That’s why the dream you choose to follow has to be its own reward. Your dream must be something that has the power to keep you motivated and in pursuit no matter what, because no matter what you’ll have to persevere.