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The Discovery

5 Apr

Something profound was going on beneath the surface, something that I would later come to understand as a dynamic principle at work. I began to notice it operating in the lives of people with whom I’d interact. But it took me a while to connect the dots on exactly what it was. I soon discovered that this principle has always been there but because of its subtle nature tends to remain hidden. It’s like gravity and wind—you can’t actually see them, but their effect is obvious. This powerful principle has been utilized by successful ‘dream seekers’ throughout time. It’s not complicated; it’s really very simple. Here it is: 

“You Already Know Everyone You Need To Know.”

Before you balk at the simplicity of that statement, let it sink in a bit. I’m telling you it’s true. I’ve seen it work over and over again. Let me say it again.

“You Already Know Everyone You Need To Know.”

Please go back and read it once more, and this time read it aloud. You might say to yourself, “Okay, fine. Got it, next” or you might completely dismiss it as not important and totally miss out on how this principle can work for YOU.

WHO Tips:

  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t already know enough people who can help you on your quest. It’s really not the best use of your time & energy to start sending e-mails out to people you don’t know or having lunches with strangers.
  • If you really want to pursue a worthy goal or make a significant change in your life, don’t go external in your approach, go internal. Here’s what most people do: they start looking outside their “WHO” network thinking their success will be found “out there” somewhere. That doesn’t work! Don’t expect strangers or even acquaintances to care about you or your goals unless they perceive a desired benefit for themselves. On the other hand, the “caring quotient” goes way up as your relationships deepens. So cultivate your “field of dreams” with your family & friends.
  • Better Relationships + Deeper Friendships = Success! 

What’s it Going To Be? Great Day/Bad Day? I’m Thinking Great! Join Me!

26 Aug

It’s “WHO Friday!” It’s going to be a Great day/Great weekend! Hope you agree! I’m Expecting/Looking for it! You?

Sometimes, however, we can get so busy in life/get caught up in the Friday Rush/Negative Circumstances that we “Miss Today.” Somehow miss all the “Greatness” right next to us!

As a result, we fall prey to listening to what I call “Self-Talk.” Have you heard any of these voices? The inner babble of “Your inferior,” “Your not good enough,” “You missed your opportunity,” or worse…”You don’t have what it takes.” Ever asked yourself, where do they come from? Are you going to continue to let them influence you? I hope your answer is an emphatic NO! Negative “Self-Talk” is an assault on your life. An assault on your happiness. An assault on your goals & dreams. It’s Crap! Don’t put up with it!

Unfortunately, most people are so accustomed to this “Self-Talk” that they don’t even notice it’s intrusion. They let it sneak in & ruin their potential for a Great/Happy day all because they allowed themself to listen/believe this negative clamor. I’m here to tell you; “It’s Not True!” So what can we do?

Here’s a few WHO-Tips;

  1. This “Self-Talk” needs to be filtered like SPAM! You need to take this Bull by the horns & bring it down. Self- discipline & self-control begins with controlling your own negative “Self-Talk.”
  2. Start observing/listening to what you’re telling yourself. Stop talking yourself into defeat. Instead, begin to speak in an affirming way to yourself. Trust me, you’ll like it better!
  3. The truly wonderful & amazing fact is that “YOU” have the incredible power to decide what “thoughts” you will think.
  4. Remember…most of the time the clamor that goes in our minds-those silly, pestering negative thoughts -just don’t pan out. In other words-“It’s Not True!” I guess some of them could become true at some point in the future but right now they’re just annoying little thoughts. Treat them like that!
  5. Here’s a valuable insight: “Most people listen to themselves instead of talk to themselves.” So make sure you start speaking “Out-Loud” to yourself! Yes, this might sound crazy, but the quickest way to transform your thoughts (mood) is to start speaking “Out-Loud”– Life affirming, hopeful, joyful words!
  6. Finally, when you find your thoughts wandering around in the dark trying to get you afraid & depressed–Turn On The Light! See yourself succeeding & enjoying living the dream! You’ll be amazed how well it works for you!

I’m looking forward to hear –that you had the best of days/weekends! Drop me a note! YouGotWHO! 🙂

Don’t Miss Your Big Moment!

2 Jul

The legendary band The Who remains to be one of the main images of WOODSTOCK with songs of like “My Generation” andWon’t Get Fooled Again.” They’re timeless.

But don’t miss the lesson learned from this historical weekend.

The Who, Santana, Jefferson Airplane siezed on an opportunity that others missed. On that rainy day in Woodstock, the bands were asked on short notice to be in a small documentary called “Woodstock.” No big Directors, just a few unknowns with a camera & an idea. Saying yes or no didn’t seem like a very important decision at the time—but it turned out to be the Apex of the careers for those who said “Yes!”

On the other hand, a band called The Incredible String Band, refused to go on in the rain. It turned out to be a Big Mistake! They missed their “moment” even though they performed later. As the legend of Woodstock grew, The Who by their performance & by simply being available & saying “yes” to this small film made them one of the leaders/anthems of change for generations to come! The others…what we’re they thinking? I guess they weren’t!


1. You’re either there or you’re not!

2. When confronted with opportunity–Ask yourself– could this be my “Woodstock?”

3. Remember: “Life often disguises the extraordinary in a plain wrapper.”

4. Life’s made up of “Moments and Choices.” Don’t miss yours!

The Secret to discovering Your Dream!

14 Jun

Is it possible that you once dreamed of living a “different life” from the one you’re living now but just can’t remember that “something” for which you’re so uniquely and wonderfully wired?  Today, many of us have gotten sidetracked and forgotten our “original dream.”  This memory lapse has become epidemic for both young and old. We’re so busy dealing with job, economy, school and life issues that we’ve forgotten some of the “important things” so essential to who we truly are. If that statement resonates with you-don’t despair there’s hope!


  1. I wrote a book just for you! It took me 4 1/2 years to do it! I’ts a simple read! It’s called The Power of WHO! Get it! Read it. Let it sink in! If you don’t like to read books, I also did it personally on Audio for easy download to your ipod, ipad, iphone, etc.
  2. Take a few days off by yourself and clear your thoughts. This is best accomplished in a calm, quiet, soothing environment that inspires—a place where the constant noise of the regular world is not heard. Nature does that. Go to where you get inspired–Is it a lake, a mountain, stream or a forest? Is it out on the farm, the ranch or maybe you’re like me & love the sounds of the ocean?  Take your mind back to where it all began, let go and begin to “dream out loud.” I call this a “wilderness journey.” Those of us who go discover new realities we were unaware even existed.  On this journey, ask God to remind you what you always wanted to do. Bring a pad of paper-take notes. Yes, bring some inspiring music, but Disconnect from everything else. No phones, texting, emails, computers, TV’s, no people-just you out their soul-searching!  Beware: the first day you won’t like being alone with yourself. Day two: your worried that you forgot how to listen to that still voice or that your not worthy to hear a voice.  Day three: you begin to remember…grab your note pad! This is the beginning, the reset has begun, it’s the first day of your life!
  3. But…I’m too Busy!  Bob, I don’t have time to do that? Of course you do! You just have to decide that enough is enough! Listen, if you want something you never had, you’re going to have to do some things you’ve never done! It’s only 3 days out of your life! Time away is the key. Nothing else I’ve found works. No exceptions. No excuses. It’s your life. Don’t miss the call, the purpose, destiny! The good news is –It’s just around the corner! Will you go?
  4. I had my opportunity! I missed it!  Don’t worry, you’re never too late or too early to get back on the pathway to your dreams! All I need you to do is stand up, get out of the bunker, leave the rut behind! Your current circumstances do not disqualify you from your dream. Don’t listen to that lie!
  5. I’ve lost my Self-Esteem! Great, perfect, then let’s go get it back! Because, I’m here to tell you that “You’re a treasure chest of gifts/talents!” “You’re Awesome!” “You were created for maximum performance.” “You do one thing better than anyone else in the world” and you know it deep down inside! You just need… some time away to find it! Once you know the WHO and the WHAT-you’ll never be the same.
  6. I’m going to focus on the next generationI hear that a lot!  Many people have given up on their dreams and now focus in on their children’s dreams. If thats you, the only problem is this: when you quit on your dream–they’re watching and they’ll quit on their dream!  It’s a Generational Curse. So, please… NEVER GIVE-UP! God needs you, We need you, You need you, Your kids need you!

I propose a 3 day “WHO Challenge!”  Just three days out of your life. Make that first step! Make it for you–For your legacy. Then write me when your done about your Wilderness Journey! Ill blog about it! Get ready…Life will surprise you sometimes with something so wonderful you can’t believe it.