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What’s it Going To Be? Great Day/Bad Day? I’m Thinking Great! Join Me!

26 Aug

It’s “WHO Friday!” It’s going to be a Great day/Great weekend! Hope you agree! I’m Expecting/Looking for it! You?

Sometimes, however, we can get so busy in life/get caught up in the Friday Rush/Negative Circumstances that we “Miss Today.” Somehow miss all the “Greatness” right next to us!

As a result, we fall prey to listening to what I call “Self-Talk.” Have you heard any of these voices? The inner babble of “Your inferior,” “Your not good enough,” “You missed your opportunity,” or worse…”You don’t have what it takes.” Ever asked yourself, where do they come from? Are you going to continue to let them influence you? I hope your answer is an emphatic NO! Negative “Self-Talk” is an assault on your life. An assault on your happiness. An assault on your goals & dreams. It’s Crap! Don’t put up with it!

Unfortunately, most people are so accustomed to this “Self-Talk” that they don’t even notice it’s intrusion. They let it sneak in & ruin their potential for a Great/Happy day all because they allowed themself to listen/believe this negative clamor. I’m here to tell you; “It’s Not True!” So what can we do?

Here’s a few WHO-Tips;

  1. This “Self-Talk” needs to be filtered like SPAM! You need to take this Bull by the horns & bring it down. Self- discipline & self-control begins with controlling your own negative “Self-Talk.”
  2. Start observing/listening to what you’re telling yourself. Stop talking yourself into defeat. Instead, begin to speak in an affirming way to yourself. Trust me, you’ll like it better!
  3. The truly wonderful & amazing fact is that “YOU” have the incredible power to decide what “thoughts” you will think.
  4. Remember…most of the time the clamor that goes in our minds-those silly, pestering negative thoughts -just don’t pan out. In other words-“It’s Not True!” I guess some of them could become true at some point in the future but right now they’re just annoying little thoughts. Treat them like that!
  5. Here’s a valuable insight: “Most people listen to themselves instead of talk to themselves.” So make sure you start speaking “Out-Loud” to yourself! Yes, this might sound crazy, but the quickest way to transform your thoughts (mood) is to start speaking “Out-Loud”– Life affirming, hopeful, joyful words!
  6. Finally, when you find your thoughts wandering around in the dark trying to get you afraid & depressed–Turn On The Light! See yourself succeeding & enjoying living the dream! You’ll be amazed how well it works for you!

I’m looking forward to hear –that you had the best of days/weekends! Drop me a note! YouGotWHO! 🙂