The Truly Successful Person Inspires and Helps Others!

31 Dec

Nobody knew… that the young man with a beard sneaking on to the lot pretending to work there would one day become the most famous movie director in the world. Eventually, Steven Spielberg got the break he needed and forever changed the course of the motion picture industry. Somewhere along the way, he had a strategic moment with a “Somebody” who encouraged him and opened a door for him.

Take a moment this last day of the year & remember back on the times in your life when others were that “Somebody” for you. Perhaps it was someone who helped you through a difficult passage in your life or got you that important interview or hired you when no one else would or gave you a great reference— “just because.” Let’s challenge ourselves this year to step outside our comfort zone, even when it’s seemingly inconvenient, and be “moment makers” in 2011.

7 Power of WHO Tips:

  1. Most people can recall that special person who took the time to create a “magic moment” for them that turned their life around for the better. Call them today and Thank them!
  2. When someone you admire & respect believes in you, it changes everything. Lets be that for others!
  3. All it takes is one great mentor, coach, or friend to share the insight that will help you leapfrog over your competition or help get you back on track. But this will only happen if you’re humble to listen & accept their help.
  4. Everyone has a “Who” network, a “community of friends” that’s been built up over many years with love & unconditional giving. These are friends who genuinely care about you & share your core values. This particular network of friends, if asked, will actually come to your aid. They want you to succeed. They want you to achieve your goals. And they love you just the way you are. But you must-Ask!
  5. Don’t try to do this thing called “My Way.” I’ll just let you in on a basic truth about life. It’s designed so that there’s a built-in guarantee that you don’t always get to do it your way. You’re going to need some help from time to time. Your “Who” friends can do just that!
  6. The family/friends you we’re given in life will undergird you with a power you don’t have on your own. They’ll ask their “Who” to help you get you where you want to go. They’ll open doors for you that you couldn’t open alone and get you connected.
  7. In the same way, there are people who look up to you. You have the power to open the door to someone’s dreams and goals just by believing in them and letting them know it! Creating extraordinary moments doesn’t cost us a dime, but I promise—it pays huge dividends!

**You hold the access key to your friends & families goals/dreams. You can be that “Somebody” this year! What an opportunity! Be Ready! Remember, Reach Out & Re-Connect! Happy New Year My friend! God Bless!


“Anyone on a great quest is looking for clues that will help guide them.”

29 Dec

Sherlock Holmes became world famous for his uncanny ability to perceive clues. He saw what others couldn’t until he pointed them out. This remarkable gift of “seeing” most often revealed clues hidden in plain sight. You and I need the ability to detect the clues life sets before us. They’re actually easy to see, but, as you and I know, we often miss the obvious.

When you’re daydreaming, where does your mind wander? Do you have a recurring dream? I’ve asked these questions of countless people over the years and the most common response has been “I just don’t know.” They go blank. Just when they need direction, purpose, and perspective, they come up empty. Too many dream seekers never decide “What” they want to do in life. They’re bewildered by the multitude of choices that can cause them to lose hope in finding that “one thing” they were meant to do. When that happens they commit a colossal blunder. They settle for whatever comes along because it’s convenient. It’s the path of least resistance. Big Mistake!
Here are 5 Power of WHO Clues to look for:

  1. The Recurring Dream: If you haven’t heard It in awhile, let me remind you that “you have an assignment, a purpose, a dream all your own that you need to discover or rediscover.”  This dream is unique to you, & the fact that you still have this dream should speak loudly to you!
  2. Gifts & Talents:  What are you just naturally good at? You’ve always been good at it. It comes easy to you. It’s not uncommon for people to overlook their unique gifts & talents simply because they don’t see them as any big deal. But they are a Big Deal! Talk to your family/friends! They have a perspective of your gifts & talents that you just might be unable to see.
  3. Birds of a Feather:  You have friends & friends of friends who will help you simply because they feel you’re part of them, they are part of you, and you like each other—don’t take this for granted. They can & will help you if you’ll ask them! So ask!
  4. Rejection: Rejection is a severe teacher but can be even more instructive than favor because it forces you to come to grips with “who you really are” and “who you’re not.”  It lets you know “where you don’t belong” and “who you don’t belong with.”  The sooner you get this, the better off you’re going to be. Don’t worry-you’re not alone! You have family/friends out there who will help you.
  5. Do what you Love:  Doing what you “love” is one of the most essential components of finding your Dream. So start looking around the landscape of your life for people who love what you love. Talk to them. You’ll be surprised to discover that you already know someone right now who can open a door for you—someone who likes you enough to give you that reference, endorsement or testimonial you need to close the deal/get the dream!

No Friends Allowed? Big Mistake!

20 Oct

Front page news tells us that– 15 million people are still out of a job! UGH! Seems even college kids can’t get a job after graduation? I heard the number is close to 70 percent ?? I thought getting a job after college was an inalienable right! Add to that–69 % of the country that have a job feel that– “A bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work.”  What’s going on? What’s wrong? I’ll tell you. It comes down to two Big Mistakes. The first involves a teaching today many have bought into about friends/business and the second is a ridiculously flawed strategy called “Networking!”  Let’s look closer.

1.      Friends/Business

  • Have you noticed that over the years there’s now a prevailing philosophy that   friends/business are taboo? Did you know that some portions of the country actually believe that asking for help from friends is rude? So let me get this correct? We’re supposed to work with people we don’t know and don’t trust? On big issues in life we’re supposed to seek out help from strangers? Ridiculous! Add now all these Ponzi schemes/Madoff shenanigans-Can it be we have stooped so low that we now have to ‘disclose friendship as evil’ instead of ‘declaring it as great’? The concept of “No friends allowed” in business today is proving to be a Big Mistake!
  • It’s a false notion to think that yours or my success will come from a bunch of people we don’t know. Don’t expect strangers or even acquaintances to care about you or your goals unless they perceive a desired benefit for themselves. On the other hand, life gets really exciting when it begins to dawn on you that you have some “friends” willing to help. Most people rarely think of their friends as conduits to achieving their dreams/goals. But friends come pre-wired with a strong desire to help you. What if they also actually had the power to cause something big to happen for you? Now wouldn’t that rock your world!


2. “Networking”

  • Take everything you have ever heard or learned about networking and just throw it out. I can make such a radical statement because, based on my thirty-plus years in the executive recruiting business, I can tell you unequivocally: “Networking” as we know it is crap. It doesn’t work!
  • What does “Networking” mean today? Faceless websites, handing out business cards at conferences to strangers like they’re mints, sending résumés to recruiters: Dear Sir, To Whom It May Concern, or Dear Recruiter. Dear Recruiter-Isn’t that an oxymoron? Does any of this work? NO! You might as well buy a lottery ticket. E-mail résumés sent in a non-relational way is junk mail-Its spam and you just got deleted. Why? Who has time to read it? Nobody! If you didn’t even take the time to come up with an actual person’s name, it’s not much better than grabbing a name randomly out of a company directory or phone book. Big Mistake!

Learn a better way! Check out The Power of WHO today, a STEP by STEP plan to help you win at business and life through the Power of Relationships.

Don’t View the Current Roadblock in Your Life as a Disaster. Just Take the Detour!

7 Sep

Detours take you off the main road into unfamiliar territory. Unexpected turns can disorient you unless you have the rare ability to stay alert and immediately acclimate to your new circumstances. When you hit a detour (and “hit” is the proper expression because that’s what it feels like), the first thing you need to realize is that your windshield is a whole lot bigger than your rearview mirror. You can’t get back on the old road. That road has run out. It will do you absolutely no good to dwell on the past. Order yourself, “Eyes forward!”

There are 5 rock-solid rule regarding detours that will help you tremendously while you traverse the bumpy roads of life. I want you to write them down and keep themwhere you’ll see it every day until it becomes a part of you, for it will be a very powerful ally. It’s that important. It will give you the power to maintain your equilibrium as you encounter the detours.

Power of WHO Tips:

  1. Regard the unknown as friendly and ultimately beneficial.
  2. Remember, when you come to a roadblock don’t fret-Take the detour!  Detours are not permanent. They’re not the road to your destiny. It’s a necessary but temporary side route.
  3. Perhaps there are some things you need to acquire or learn on this detour. Maybe there’s someone you need to meet who holds the key to your destiny and who will help you succeed.
  4. A detour could also mean you help someone else achieve their goals, and in the process discover some key elements you’ll need to accomplish on your own.
  5. Learn to view every problem you encounter as “an opportunity in disguise.” Don’t get angry and don’t get discouraged when you are called to a stop or pressed off the main road. Remember, the road to success is always under construction.

Mike Singletary and The Power of WHO

10 Aug

I had the opportunity to hear Baylor University football great Mike Singletary give a motivational talk to the Baylor basketball team as the season was about to begin. Baylor’s outstanding basketball coach, Scott Drew, asked Mike, “When you first came to Baylor, you weren’t really expected to make the football team. So, when did you decide you wouldn’t just make the team, but you’d be a starter? Not just a starter but an all-conference linebacker? Not just all-conference, but someone who achieves all-American status? Not just all-American, but an NFL player? Not just an NFL player, but an all-pro eight times, going to the Pro Bowl ten times? And finally, not only that, but becoming a Hall of Fame linebacker recognized as one of the ‘top three’ players to ever play the game at your position? When did you decide all that?”

Mike responded, “Day one! When I got to campus the first day, I went immediately to the defensive coach and asked him if he would write down exactly what I needed to do to become the best defensive player who ever played at the university. The coach laughed and said, ‘That’s nice, Mike, but let’s not worry about that just now. How about just trying to make the team?’ I wouldn’t take that for an answer, so I said, ‘Coach, please, write down for me exactly what I have to do, and I’ll do it!’ The coach was stunned, and I’m not sure he knew exactly what to put on paper.” After thinking about it for a couple of days, the coach came back with a list.
It was broken into three parts:

  1. Robust Physical Goals. This would mean lots of training time in the weight room. (If completed, it would make Mike the strongest player on the team.)
  2. Nutrition. Eating the right foods in the proper amounts and not eating certain other foods.
  3. Study. Extra time spent in order to understand all facets of Baylor’s defensive schemes. (This would require Mike to spend hours and hours watching film on the teams he would face, dissecting their offensive strategies.) Mike then stopped and told Scott’s team: “Everybody wants things and has dreams, but that’s not enough if you want to be the best.

Power of WHO Tips

  1. All jobs have competency standards that require a fundamental knowledge, ability, or expertise in a specific subject or skill set.  Attaining these basic standards of competence requires a price to be paid. It takes study, practice, and a strong work ethic.
  2. Be Like Mike! Be willing to pay the price. This requires vision and a plan with specific goals written out. Once Mike saw the plan and the specific goals the coach wrote out for him, he knew it would be tough. There just weren’t enough hours for all this plus the study and social aspects of college life.  Something would have to give, and it couldn’t be his studies. The rest is sports history.
  3. Resolve today not to let competency be a hindrance. Start working on your gifts and talents now. Enjoy each step in the learning and growing process and be willing to pay the price.

In Trouble? Where do I turn? Who do I call?

29 Jul

You know, Charlie, life’s like a deck chair. Some people place their deck chair so they can see where they’re going. Some turn it around to see where they’ve been. Others, Charlie, place their deck chair right in the middle of the action to see what’s going on all around them.” Charlie sighs and says, “I’m just trying to get mine unfolded!” —Charles M. Schulz

Some of us are a lot like Charlie…We’re so busy just dealing with job and life issues that we can forget some of the important things so essential to who we truly are.  Perhaps it’s a distant dream, a sensation that keeps popping up, but it’s been so long since you’ve consciously thought about it that you no longer connect the sensation to the dream. Too many have gotten sidetracked and forgotten their original dream, and are now spending their lives doing derivative work. This memory lapse has become epidemic. Where do I turn? Who do I call?

Power of WHO Tips

Stop immediately and call a ‘WHO’ friend.”  

What’s a “WHO” friend?

  • A “WHO” friend will call a halt to fearful thinking by insisting you stop listening to your own negative self-talk. In the face of those lies they will start speaking truth, the truth about your value and uniqueness, the truth about your accomplishments, and the truth about the value of your dreams and goals.
  • A “Who” friend will intercept you on the dark path you’ve taken and redirect your steps back on to the path of light. They know you, care for you, and will remind you that you have a future and a hope.
  • A “Who” friend knows your true identity and won’t let you forget it. When the “Power of Forgetfulness” tries to roll in—you need your “Who.”
  • It’s interesting to look back and see how the patterns woven into the fabric of our circumstances have led us to where we are now. But if you’re going to fulfill your destiny in life you’re going to need some wise friends and advisers to help you see a vision of your future that, perhaps, you can’t see yourself or you just plain forgot…

Big interview ahead? Pick your references carefully. Here’s 5 tips!

13 Jul


One of the biggest names in college basketball coaching called me on behalf of a candidate. The only problem was that the big-time coach mispronounced the guy’s name that he supposedly knew so well. Ouch! I wasn’t impressed. As a matter of fact, it had the opposite effect. Pick your references carefully.

Power of WHO Tips

  1. Having people who barely know you make calls on your behalf is risky. It’s a potential minefield simply because you don’t know how the people you’re using as references are being perceived on the other end.  So, tread lightly and choose wisely.
  2. If you happen to know the hiring person’s best friend or boss/mentor—now that’s gold! Doing the research to find out if you know any friends or associates of the hiring executive is time well spent.
  3. There’s another unseen danger with references. Having worked with thousands of candidates during the last thirty years, I can confidently predict that if you give me six or seven references, one of them will trash you. It really hurts to know that the person who trashed you is a name you gave as a reference. That one bad reference could cost you your Dream Job.
  4. Make sure that all the names you provide as personal references come only from your “Who” friends.
  5. Having great references, endorsements, and testimonials are your most powerful allies. When someone else says you’re great, you are! So choose your references carefully and you won’t have to toot your own horn.