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Big interview ahead? Pick your references carefully. Here’s 5 tips!

13 Jul


One of the biggest names in college basketball coaching called me on behalf of a candidate. The only problem was that the big-time coach mispronounced the guy’s name that he supposedly knew so well. Ouch! I wasn’t impressed. As a matter of fact, it had the opposite effect. Pick your references carefully.

Power of WHO Tips

  1. Having people who barely know you make calls on your behalf is risky. It’s a potential minefield simply because you don’t know how the people you’re using as references are being perceived on the other end.  So, tread lightly and choose wisely.
  2. If you happen to know the hiring person’s best friend or boss/mentor—now that’s gold! Doing the research to find out if you know any friends or associates of the hiring executive is time well spent.
  3. There’s another unseen danger with references. Having worked with thousands of candidates during the last thirty years, I can confidently predict that if you give me six or seven references, one of them will trash you. It really hurts to know that the person who trashed you is a name you gave as a reference. That one bad reference could cost you your Dream Job.
  4. Make sure that all the names you provide as personal references come only from your “Who” friends.
  5. Having great references, endorsements, and testimonials are your most powerful allies. When someone else says you’re great, you are! So choose your references carefully and you won’t have to toot your own horn.

Get Yourself a Library Card!

8 Jul

I Made A Huge Mistake earlier in my life by not reading more.

Whatever Your Age, I want to encourage you to read, read, and read as much as you can! I once heard Jim Rohn (one of the top motivational speakers in the country) say: everything you need for your better future and success has already been written. And guess what? It’s all available. All you have to do is go to the library.

But Would You Believe that only three percent of the people in America have a library card? Wow, they must be expensive!  No, they’re free.  And there’s probably a library in every neighborhood.”

I’m Now the Proud Owner of a Library Card. Do yourself an enormous favor. Join the ranks of the three percent today! It’s probably not a coincidence that three percent of the country possesses 97 percent of the wealth.  All the success books I’ve read agree with Jim–“There is no difference between someone who can’t read and one who chooses not to read. They both end up the same—ignorant.”

 5 Power of WHO Tips on Why You Should Read?

  1. Your Brain is a muscle. Giving it a daily reading workout –makes it sharper & you smarter! We all want to be smarter don’t we?
  2. Read me a story Dad! Yes, by all means-Do it! Reading out loud to your kids builds an emotional bond that will last a lifetime! Don’t miss this opportunity! It’s your time-just the two of you!
  3. Study after study show- The most well read of course are– the most successful!
  4. What’s crazy good about reading is that the books you will come to love to read will actually become your friends, counselors, mentors and advisors! We all need them!
  5. Finally, reading helps you learn how to “Connect”. You see, knowing interesting stories about; history, politics, sports, arts, animals, cars,  etc… will make you more interesting! People gravitate to those who are thought provoking, stimulating, creative and inspiring! So! Looking for a Job/Big Sale/Need a Date/A Richer Life? My Tip–Start Reading/Get a Library Card!

Want Success? “Mirror” the Best!

5 Jun

If you grew up without a guiding force/mentor, don’t be too concerned. It’s not a dream killer. There are plenty of people who had to overcome tremendous deficits and move past seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve greatness.

Ray Charles started out in life way behind the power curve.  He was born in the Deep South in 1930. He was black, blind, and an orphan. He was definitely not voted “most likely to succeed” in his high school annual or offered a scholarship to Harvard.  But he had an extraordinary musical gift and was determined to succeed.  His idol was Nat King Cole. Ray began to model himself after the great singer-musician while at the same time developing his own unique style that eventually catapulted him into incredible success that brought him fame and fortune. Ray Charles became an internationally recognized musical icon. But early on he allowed himself to mirror someone else’s success, and it served him well.

Power of WHO Tips

  • Mirroring is a very effective tool for aspiring dream seekers.  It’s basically imitating, copying, or mimicking someone who is already wildly successful at the same thing you aspire to.
  • You’ve actually been mirroring since you were a kid. You watched and copied your mom and dad, your big sister, brother, coach, teacher—how they walked, talked, acted, and played, as well as what they valued. As you grew older, your attention was drawn toward others you admired: actors, athletes, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. Here is one of life’s most powerful principles: We move in the direction of our focus.
  • Mirroring starts by hearing about or seeing someone who is already doing what you want to do. When that happens something inside you goes, “Wow, that’s it!” You start thinking to yourself, “I can do that. I’d be good at that. I bet I can do it even better if I practice!” When things like this begin to happen, you need to know you’re looking at a road map, a blueprint, a model of what could be.
  • The proof is in your pursuit.  It’s called passion.  The intensity and dedication of your pursuit are the level of your passion.  It takes study and practice to become skilled in the dream you’re pursuing. When you find that job you love and are willing to pay the price to become the absolute best at it, then your own unique style and genius will begin to take over and create a new story line that’s even better than the one you mirrored.
  • So, be clear about what you want, and mirror the best!

“Wanting it too badly”…is Never a Good Strategy!

31 May

We’ve all been there at one time or another, whether it’s wanting to make the team, get that part in the play, having a romantic relationship, or landing the Dream Job. If you show you want something too much, your odds of getting it go down significantly. Dogs, dates, and prospective bosses all can sense this overanxious desire.  If you want something or someone too much, you can end up sabotaging yourself. It could be the nervous look, the bouncing leg, or the overly aggressive approach. Regardless of what gives you away, it becomes obvious to everyone around you that you’re too emotionally invested. Wanting something too much changes your natural personality and ends up making you look weak.

Power of WHO Tips

  1. Don’t introduce yourself/Be introduced! Remember:  whether it’s a date, a job interview or making a big sales pitch- having great references, endorsements, and testimonials are your most powerful allies. When your “Who” says you’re great, you are!
  2. Work hard now/so you’ll be your Best! Resolve today not to let competency be a hindrance. Start working on your gifts and talents now. Enjoy each step in the learning and growing process and be willing to pay the price.
  3. Always be authentic. Anything less—you lose! When we suppress our originality, uniqueness, and authenticity, we lose touch with our source of energy and natural creativity. Do yourself an enormous favor. Don’t try to be somebody you “ain’t.” Celebrate your uniqueness. It’s what sets you apart and makes you who you really are.
  4. Stop wanting/Start giving!  When you make the extra effort to celebrate, encourage, and help others, it establishes stronger bonds of friendship. Each time you do it, it’s an investment that is never wasted. There’s a law that governs this principle of encouraging and giving. It’s called the “law of reciprocity.” Simply put, this law states that when you do something good for another person, it actually creates a desire in them to reciprocate. They want to do good back to you. When you do something extra for people, they never seem to forget it and will always try to find a way to balance the equation.
  5. Doing what “You Love” makes you Look better!  Don’t do “Dog Years.” In other words, don’t live one year while aging seven. Whatever you choose to do in life is going to require your time, energy, and commitment. Doing what you don’t love ages you a lot more quickly. The principle is simple: Whatever you do has a transforming effect on you. Living the life you love has the almost magical quality of keeping you young, vibrant, and healthy.

Are You Simply Doing What You’ve been Programmed to Do? But You Know it’s Not “Who” You Really Are…

26 May

Each of us has an assignment, a purpose, a dream all our own that we need to discover or rediscover. Maybe you’ve wanted to open a restaurant, become a fashion model, get your real estate license, or go back to law school. It’s always been there and keeps resurfacing. Your dream is unique to you, and the fact that you still have this dream should speak loudly to you. That’s your first clue. But in order to see the next step, you’re going to have to disconnect from some of the old patterns of your lifestyle.

Neo is the main character in the movie, The Matrix. He’s connected to the “grid,” unaware that he’s going through life asleep. After being awakened and disconnected from the “grid” through a bizarre set of circumstances, he’s faced with a whole new reality that he didn’t even know existed before. This new reality leads him into his destiny. The story of The Matrix is, in many ways, an allegory of the world we live in today. The really scary thought is that you’re connected to the “grid,” performing a function that doesn’t utilize your gifts and talents. You’re simply doing what you’ve been programmed to do. But you know it’s not who you really are. Like Neo, you have to bust out. Instinctively, you know the pathway to your destiny, your purpose, lies beyond your ability to see from where you are right now. It’s going to take considerable faith and courage to disconnect from the “grid” and follow your recurring dream.

Power of WHO Tips

  • A key reason people don’t succeed in realizing their hidden dreams, goals, ambitions, and purpose is because they don’t take time for reflection.  Busyness can masquerade as effectiveness.
  • As you begin to think about pursuing your dreams and goals, you’re going to need to give yourself a “time-out.”  Soul searching is a solitary exercise.  If you don’t take this seriously you will, more than likely, settle for just another counterfeit.
  • I’ve discovered that individuals who are willing to make even a few slight course corrections were able to alter the entire trajectory of their lives.  At first a lot of these people thought they needed an extreme makeover, but the good news is that just a small change in strategy makes all the difference.
  • You’ve probably had the experience of checking your pockets, looking around because you sense you’ve forgotten something.  But you just can’t think of what it could be.  Perhaps it’s a distant dream that’s still alive, so the sensation keeps popping up, but it’s been so long since you’ve consciously thought about it that you no longer connect the sensation to the dream.
  • Is it possible that you once dreamed of living a different life from the one you’re living now but just can’t remember—something for which you’re uniquely and wonderfully “wired”?  As an executive recruiter who has talked with literally thousands of job seekers over the years, I can tell you there are many, many individuals who are Seeking Something Else but Missing Something More.

Try Smiling Today! It Will Distinguish You from Most Everybody Else!

17 May

Smile a Little Smile for Me

A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart.” — Author Unknown

The choice to smile is really a breakthrough technique, because it automatically distinguishes you from most everybody else. I can tell you firsthand that many people lose job opportunities simply because they didn’t bring a smile to the interview. Clients have often told me afterward they had an “uneasy feeling” about the candidate because the person looked unhappy or too serious. The candidate missed a golden opportunity simply by not smiling (being too uptight).

Power of WHO Tips:  Just smiling can actually change the atmosphere of an entire room. When you bring to the table a positive attitude accompanied by a smile, you take on a personal glow that causes good things to happen.

  • Everything looks brighter.
  • Your presentation looks more impressive.
  • You look better in what you’re wearing.
  • Your interaction is enhanced.
  • You signal to everyone that you’re confident even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

A genuine smile from a pleasant heart causes those around you to feel at ease. When people feel welcomed and valued by you, they relax and begin to give you the treasure of their trust. So, smile! Trust me; I do this for a living.

Are You Frustrated on Your Dream/Goals? The Discovery!

15 May

The Discovery!

Something profound was going on beneath the surface, something that I would later come to understand as a dynamic principle at work. I began to notice it operating in the lives of people with whom I would interact. But it took me a while to connect the dots on exactly what it was. I soon discovered that this principle has always been there but because of its subtle nature tends to remain hidden. It’s like gravity and wind—you can’t actually see them, but their effect is obvious. This powerful principle has been utilized by successful dream seekers throughout time. It’s not complicated; it’s really very simple. Here it is:

                                             You Already Know Everyone You Need To Know!

Before you balk at the simplicity of that statement, let it sink in a bit. I’m telling you it’s true. I’ve seen it work over and over again. Let me say it again. You already know everyone you need to know. Please go back and read it once more, and this time read it aloud. You might say to yourself, “Okay, fine. Got it, next.” Or you might completely dismiss it as not important and totally miss out on how this principle can work for you.

Power of WHO Tips

  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t already know enough people who can help you on your quest. It’s really not the best use of your time and energy to start sending e-mails out to people you don’t know or having lunches with strangers.
  • If you really want to pursue a worthy goal or make a significant change in your life, you don’t go external in your approach, you go internal.
  • Here’s what most people do: they start looking outside their “Who” network thinking their success will be found “out there” somewhere. It’s a false notion to think that your success will come from a bunch of people you don’t know.
  • Don’t expect strangers or even acquaintances to care about you or your goals unless they perceive a desired benefit for themselves.
  • So cultivate your “field of dreams” with your “Who” friends. Want to learn more? Check out The Power of WHO!