No Friends Allowed? Big Mistake!

20 Oct

Front page news tells us that– 15 million people are still out of a job! UGH! Seems even college kids can’t get a job after graduation? I heard the number is close to 70 percent ?? I thought getting a job after college was an inalienable right! Add to that–69 % of the country that have a job feel that– “A bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work.”  What’s going on? What’s wrong? I’ll tell you. It comes down to two Big Mistakes. The first involves a teaching today many have bought into about friends/business and the second is a ridiculously flawed strategy called “Networking!”  Let’s look closer.

1.      Friends/Business

  • Have you noticed that over the years there’s now a prevailing philosophy that   friends/business are taboo? Did you know that some portions of the country actually believe that asking for help from friends is rude? So let me get this correct? We’re supposed to work with people we don’t know and don’t trust? On big issues in life we’re supposed to seek out help from strangers? Ridiculous! Add now all these Ponzi schemes/Madoff shenanigans-Can it be we have stooped so low that we now have to ‘disclose friendship as evil’ instead of ‘declaring it as great’? The concept of “No friends allowed” in business today is proving to be a Big Mistake!
  • It’s a false notion to think that yours or my success will come from a bunch of people we don’t know. Don’t expect strangers or even acquaintances to care about you or your goals unless they perceive a desired benefit for themselves. On the other hand, life gets really exciting when it begins to dawn on you that you have some “friends” willing to help. Most people rarely think of their friends as conduits to achieving their dreams/goals. But friends come pre-wired with a strong desire to help you. What if they also actually had the power to cause something big to happen for you? Now wouldn’t that rock your world!


2. “Networking”

  • Take everything you have ever heard or learned about networking and just throw it out. I can make such a radical statement because, based on my thirty-plus years in the executive recruiting business, I can tell you unequivocally: “Networking” as we know it is crap. It doesn’t work!
  • What does “Networking” mean today? Faceless websites, handing out business cards at conferences to strangers like they’re mints, sending résumés to recruiters: Dear Sir, To Whom It May Concern, or Dear Recruiter. Dear Recruiter-Isn’t that an oxymoron? Does any of this work? NO! You might as well buy a lottery ticket. E-mail résumés sent in a non-relational way is junk mail-Its spam and you just got deleted. Why? Who has time to read it? Nobody! If you didn’t even take the time to come up with an actual person’s name, it’s not much better than grabbing a name randomly out of a company directory or phone book. Big Mistake!

Learn a better way! Check out The Power of WHO today, a STEP by STEP plan to help you win at business and life through the Power of Relationships.


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