Are You Simply Doing What You’ve been Programmed to Do? But You Know it’s Not “Who” You Really Are…

26 May

Each of us has an assignment, a purpose, a dream all our own that we need to discover or rediscover. Maybe you’ve wanted to open a restaurant, become a fashion model, get your real estate license, or go back to law school. It’s always been there and keeps resurfacing. Your dream is unique to you, and the fact that you still have this dream should speak loudly to you. That’s your first clue. But in order to see the next step, you’re going to have to disconnect from some of the old patterns of your lifestyle.

Neo is the main character in the movie, The Matrix. He’s connected to the “grid,” unaware that he’s going through life asleep. After being awakened and disconnected from the “grid” through a bizarre set of circumstances, he’s faced with a whole new reality that he didn’t even know existed before. This new reality leads him into his destiny. The story of The Matrix is, in many ways, an allegory of the world we live in today. The really scary thought is that you’re connected to the “grid,” performing a function that doesn’t utilize your gifts and talents. You’re simply doing what you’ve been programmed to do. But you know it’s not who you really are. Like Neo, you have to bust out. Instinctively, you know the pathway to your destiny, your purpose, lies beyond your ability to see from where you are right now. It’s going to take considerable faith and courage to disconnect from the “grid” and follow your recurring dream.

Power of WHO Tips

  • A key reason people don’t succeed in realizing their hidden dreams, goals, ambitions, and purpose is because they don’t take time for reflection.  Busyness can masquerade as effectiveness.
  • As you begin to think about pursuing your dreams and goals, you’re going to need to give yourself a “time-out.”  Soul searching is a solitary exercise.  If you don’t take this seriously you will, more than likely, settle for just another counterfeit.
  • I’ve discovered that individuals who are willing to make even a few slight course corrections were able to alter the entire trajectory of their lives.  At first a lot of these people thought they needed an extreme makeover, but the good news is that just a small change in strategy makes all the difference.
  • You’ve probably had the experience of checking your pockets, looking around because you sense you’ve forgotten something.  But you just can’t think of what it could be.  Perhaps it’s a distant dream that’s still alive, so the sensation keeps popping up, but it’s been so long since you’ve consciously thought about it that you no longer connect the sensation to the dream.
  • Is it possible that you once dreamed of living a different life from the one you’re living now but just can’t remember—something for which you’re uniquely and wonderfully “wired”?  As an executive recruiter who has talked with literally thousands of job seekers over the years, I can tell you there are many, many individuals who are Seeking Something Else but Missing Something More.

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