Try Smiling Today! It Will Distinguish You from Most Everybody Else!

17 May

Smile a Little Smile for Me

A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart.” — Author Unknown

The choice to smile is really a breakthrough technique, because it automatically distinguishes you from most everybody else. I can tell you firsthand that many people lose job opportunities simply because they didn’t bring a smile to the interview. Clients have often told me afterward they had an “uneasy feeling” about the candidate because the person looked unhappy or too serious. The candidate missed a golden opportunity simply by not smiling (being too uptight).

Power of WHO Tips:  Just smiling can actually change the atmosphere of an entire room. When you bring to the table a positive attitude accompanied by a smile, you take on a personal glow that causes good things to happen.

  • Everything looks brighter.
  • Your presentation looks more impressive.
  • You look better in what you’re wearing.
  • Your interaction is enhanced.
  • You signal to everyone that you’re confident even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

A genuine smile from a pleasant heart causes those around you to feel at ease. When people feel welcomed and valued by you, they relax and begin to give you the treasure of their trust. So, smile! Trust me; I do this for a living.


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