Mike Tyson/The Power of WHO-5 Tips on How to Get up-When Knocked-Down in Life!

18 Apr

The “Great Philosopher” Mike Tyson once said… “Everyone has a plan, until they’re Hit!”

Just as we aren’t born with all the skills we need, neither are we were born with a strategy for living. We learn about life by living it, by pushing out on life while life pushes back on us. This is how we create our own space.

No matter how well organized we are or how well we prepare for contingencies, we will face adversity in our lives.  In fact , in terms of certainty, adversity ranks right up there with death and taxes.  As Paul Harvey has said:  “In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.”  It’s impossible to maintain the “status quo” for any prolonged period.

Fortunately, however, we can find a bright side. In fact, if we can keep the “knock-downs” we encounter in the right perspective, we can deal with them rather effectively. We can not only minimize their negative aspects, but we can even reap benificial results and personal growth from them.

5 Power of WHO Tips

  • A “Knock-Down” can take us all into unfamiliar territory.  It can disorient you unless you stay alert and immediately acclimate to your new circumstances. When you’re hit-Don’t dwell on the past. Order yourself, “Eyes forward!”
  • Get Up!  Get off the mat!  It’s an all too common fact that most people just give up too soon.  They meet with some adversity, allow themselves to become discouraged, and give up, convinced that their particular dream/goal is not worth the effort or is just not meant to be.  Big Mistake!
  • There’s a rock-solid rule about being “knocked-down” that will help you tremendously.  Write this rule down and keep it where you’ll see it every day until it becomes a part of you, for it will be a very powerful ally.  “Regard the unknown as friendly and ultimately beneficial.”
  • The “best of the best” never run from failure; they analyze the causes and make sure mistakes aren’t repeated.  We all make mistakes and experience setbacks.  How you respond to these “Knock-Downs” is everything!
  • When I get knocked-down in life, I ask myself these three simple questions.

* Does God know my situation? ( Yes, He’s God.)
* Is He ok with the situation/problem I’m in? (He must be-I’m in it!)
* Does He have a Great Plan/Purpose ahead for me and you? (Yes! Absolutely!                                 Start looking for it!)

One of my favorite quote is from G.K. Chesterton. He said: “The one thing in life that gives radiance above other things is that there is something great just around the corner!” Look For It! You Got WHO!


One Response to “Mike Tyson/The Power of WHO-5 Tips on How to Get up-When Knocked-Down in Life!”

  1. Sajeel Qureshi April 19, 2010 at 3:41 pm #

    Great stuff Bob. So true and relevant. Who would have thought Mike Tyson would be such a great philosopher? Hahaha.

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