John Wayne/The Power of WHO-How to Not only Survive but Thrive in this Economy!

5 Apr

 You’re probably familiar with some of the “tongue-in-cheek” exaggerations of my dad’s generation. The World War II guys would say things like “Why, when I was your age I walked three miles in the snow to school every day, and it was uphill both ways!”

It was the John Wayne philosophy that said, “To truly make it in life, son, you have to go it alone.” Fortunately, my dad never taught me those concepts. Yes, he did teach me the value of hard work.  But he also taught me the tremendous value of teamwork, coming alongside others to accomplish a common goal. You and I need the special relationships we’ve been given not only to survive but thrive in this impossible world.

The Bible refers to King Solomon as “the wisest man who ever lived.” He said: two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.

 Power of WHO Tips

  • The point is clear-we’re not designed to go it alone!  You need your “Who.”
  • Don’t attempt to do life on your own. Get off the “lone ranger” treadmill. That thing will wear you out and put you in an early grave. Running faster and harder all alone is clearly not a good strategy.
  • The science people who study this stuff tell us that we only use a small percentage of our brainpower.  The same is true when it comes to our “Who.”  Most of us haven’t been taking advantage of all that’s available.  We’re going through life with the misconception that our dreams and goals can be accomplished without any help from others.
  • Pity the people who think they don’t need coaches, teachers, mentors, parents, or friends to help and advise them. If you’re among that misguided group, I’ve got a news flash for you: We’re all “A Cup Short!” 
  • One of the greatest mistakes in business today is that most people never reach out for help, never lean on their “Who” in times of need. If you want to thrive, not just survive—you have to “Remember, Reach Out and Re-Connect” with your “Who” Network! Start today!

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