What am I doing right now to steer my life in the direction of the future I truly desire?

26 Mar

In sailing, when you set a course for a destination, it’s necessary to stay on that course until you arrive. Bad weather (unforeseen circumstances) might blow you off course temporarily but, as soon as possible, you reestablish the correct heading.

The same is true of your destiny. Set the course of your desired future and stick to it. Many don’t. They start out with the best of intentions but when the “winds of life” blow them off course they just go with the flow and never get back on track. Because of “forgetfulness,” you can lose your ability to watch carefully, and so end up just taking life as it comes . . . or worse, crashing on the rocks.

Power of WHO Tips/Questions

  • You’re heading somewhere right now. Life is in motion. Do you like your current direction?
  • Who’s steering the ship of your life? Do you have a firm grip on the wheel or have you been on autopilot for so long you forgot where you were supposed to be going?
  • It’s way too depressing and frustrating to have dreams, goals, and a vision for where you want to go but no way to get there—or even an inkling of how to get started.
  • Take hold of the wheel, you’re closer than you think . . .

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