Payne Stewarts Key to Success? There was No Quit in Him!

24 Mar

Wearing those old-time knickers, his fist pumping forward and leg in the air, Payne Stewart, one of golf’s greatest players, thrilled fans at the U.S. Open back in 1999 as the final winning putt rolled into the cup.

But the road that led to winning that major championship was a rough one.  During his career there were a lot of missed cuts, second-place finishes, and complete collapses (it happens to all of us, doesn’t it?).  One year while playing in front of his hometown Dallas crowd and SMU friends at the Byron Nelson Classic, he blew it and lost the tournament on the first play-off hole.  His face told the whole story.  I could tell he felt he had let everyone down (and you thought you were the only one who ever felt that way).  We all watched him walk off hand in hand with his wife, Tracy, back to the clubhouse.  It was a long and lonely walk for both of them.  No cheering crowd, no standing ovation, just a small group of reporters waiting to pepper him with questions about the loss.

But did Payne quit? Of course not!  There was no quit in him.  Don’t let there be any in you, either.

Power of Who Tips:

  • The amazing minority of people who are successful dreamers realize that their dreams are not going to happen overnight.
  • It’s an all too common fact that most people just give up too soon.  They meet with some adversity, allow themselves to become discouraged, and give up, convinced that their particular dream is not worth the effort or is just not meant to be. Big Mistake!
  • Proactively working toward achieving a dream is a process of trial and error, setbacks and dead ends, disappointments and discoveries.
  • If Payne was here today, He would tell you that the dream you choose to follow has to be its own reward.  That your dream must be something that has the power to keep you motivated and in pursuit no matter what, because no matter what–Payne would tell you that  you’ll have to persevere.
  • We all miss you Payne!

2 Responses to “Payne Stewarts Key to Success? There was No Quit in Him!”

  1. jasonsutton March 25, 2010 at 2:25 am #

    Great stuff. I actually followed Payne every hole on that Sunday in 99 at Pinehurst and remains as one of my all time favorite golf memories. We can learn alot from his life and the way he lived it. Loved the book and thanks for sharing. If you like golf check out my blog at

  2. Dennis March 25, 2010 at 6:57 pm #

    Love this post, Bob! I know something about dreams, too. Yes, there are obstacles and frustrations. But, what are the options, really? To NOT DREAM?

    Thanks for always being an encourager.

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