Tell-Em Frank Beaudine from Chicago!

22 Mar

I’ll never forget…My Dad taking me backstage to see Frank Sinatra after one of his shows in Las Vegas.  I was about 13 at the time but the moment made an indelible imprint on my approach to business and life.  You see, Frank Sinatra was the “King” and no one else was like him at the time.  So the idea of going backstage and actually getting a moment with the “King” was not only improbable but was something most normal people would find extremely intimidating to even try.

But Dad always taught me that…“nothing can hold back or deter the firm resolve of a determined soul.”  When we got to the backstage door there was a very large man guarding the entrance.  My dad announced that we were here to see Frank Sinatra. The guard snickered and said he wasn’t available.  It was then I heard my dad forcefully and confidently say: “Tell-Em Frank Beaudine from Chicago is here.”  “I’m sorry” the guard said.  “He’s not available!”  “Listen” my dad said with a stern face:  “My son and I don’t have a lot of time!  Tell-Em Frank Beaudine- from Chicago!”

Now the guard had to think quickly  What if we did know Mr. Sinatra?  Would he be upset with him that he didn’t bring Frank Beaudine and his son back to say hello.  (The reality was that we didn’t know him at all but… he didn’t know that.)  So it came down to confidence, boldness and one of the ‘classic lines’ I’ve ever heard—“Tell-Em Frank Beaudine from Chicago.”

What happened next was amazing… The guard said hold on and went back to tell Mr. Sinatra we were outside.  It was only 30 seconds before we were ushered in.  What did Mr. Sinatra say when we entered?  Frank!!  How are you?  How’s Chicago my friend?

Power of WHO tips…

  • Don’t sit on the sidelines of life.  Be prepared, confident, bold and brave!
  • Possible things aren’t worth much.  Crazy impossible things keep us passionate and alive.
  • “Just Do It” seems sparse in its austere simplicity, but behind its profound wisdom is the stuff dreams are made of.
  • The people who act on their ideas are in the minority.

Frank Beaudine from Chicago


2 Responses to “Tell-Em Frank Beaudine from Chicago!”

  1. Chris McKinney March 22, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    That is a great story. Firm resolve. Determined soul. Your dad was a stud.

    • powerofwho July 8, 2010 at 5:14 am #

      Thanks Chris- You and my Dad would have been friends!

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