Find out what Tom Selleck says about finding your Dream!

21 Mar

Let me tell you about one of the most unforgettable business trips of my life.  I was working out in the hotel gym when Tom Selleck came in.  He is one of my favorite actors.  I loved him in Magnum P.I.  

I was on a bike and he jumped on one next to mine.  I wasn’t going to say anything to him—just let him have his quiet workout time but he started a conversation with me.  He was interested in my job, my family, my life.  He was just a good guy wanting to pass some time while riding the bike!  He loved the fact that I did sports recruiting.  He was a really good athlete himself in baseball and volleyball. He told me he had initially wanted to be an architect but stumbled on to modeling and acting. The conversation came around to how hard it was to get a break in that business.  He said it had taken years and years of acting classes, workshops, and summer stock, but he loved all the work.  Friends and family, of course, questioned his choice, after so many rejections, because he was too tall, had the wrong look, was too good-looking, etc.  It was always “not this, not that.”  I told him it was the same in the business world and asked how he stayed the course through all the so-called failures. Why hadn’t he quit?

“It’s all here between the ears,” he said. “You have to decide to follow your dream, commit, and, most of all, turn so-called failures into successes.  In one moment it happened for me.  I got the part in Magnum P.I., and the rest is history.  All those years being hungry, practicing persistence, and believing this is what I was supposed to do paid off, I guess.”

Power of WHO Tips: 

  • The school of hard knocks, whether in business, politics, sports, or entertainment, should be viewed as just another method to test your coolest and craziest “knockout ideas.”
  • You work and work and work until it works for you.
  • The “best of the best” never run from failure; they analyze the causes and make sure mistakes aren’t repeated.
  • We all make mistakes and experience setbacks. How you respond to these bumps in the road is everything!

One Response to “Find out what Tom Selleck says about finding your Dream!”

  1. Nancy April 20, 2012 at 3:08 am #

    just wld like to meet him

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