Do You Ask Good Questions?

17 Feb

Have you noticed successful people “Ask” good questions?

It could be the world’s most unsung talent. Pablo Picasso once said; Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” Today too many job/dream seekers fail to ask the right questions before making important decisions surrounding their career/life. Big Mistake! George Bernard Shaw summed it up when he wrote, “Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get.”

So today, if you’re out of a job, unhappy in the job you’re in or you just graduated from college: You might consider asking yourself these seven questions. They matter!

  1. DOES WHAT YOU LOVE MATTER? What makes you Happy? What’s your Passion? Remember, you will never be successful at something you don’t enjoy.
  2. DOES WHERE YOU LIVE MATTER? Where do you want to live? Where do you feel you belong? Some like mountains, beach, lakes, the city, the country, or on a ranch. Where is part of your very DNA.
  3. DO PEOPLE MATTER? Joining a company/organization that has the right culture is everything. You should go where you’re celebrated not where you’re tolerated.
  4. DOES THE TOOLS YOUR GIVEN MATTER? Will you be given the necessary tools to do the job? Will you be able to hire your staff? Budget? Education? Empowered? Encouraged? Introduced?
  5. DOES YOUR FAMILY MATTER? Is your family behind this move 100%? City/Suburbs? School System? Aging parents? Travel requirement? Do I have friends/family nearby?
  6. DOES HAVING A LEGACY MATTER? Can you create significance in this job? Advancement? Personal growth?
  7. DOES THE MONEY MATTER? Does the job pay enough? Pay your bills. Stay balanced? Bonus? Benefits?


One of the greatest mistakes in business today is that most people never reach out for help, never ask those simple and yet, important questions. Big Mistake! Remember, Reach out and Re-Connect today! You Got WHO!


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