What Makes a True Friend?

10 Feb

What is a True Friend?
What does that mean to you…exactly?

Today recognizing your true friends from the myriad of acquaintances that crowd around your life is difficult, because friendship has been redefined in our culture to mean something less than what it actually is. Surprisingly, most people I talk to haven’t given much thought to the varying dynamics involved in their relationships so there might be some confusion. I wrote 12 Guidelines of True Friendship-you can find them on www.powerofwho.com

Here are 3 of my top 12 Guidelines:

1. A True friend gives unconditional Love. Is someone who simply loves you for no reason, no strings attached,. They will do their best to help you- Just Because.

2. A True Friend will try to help you right now. When you call for help the answer is “YES!” An acquaintance merely wishes you well.

3. A True Friend holds you accountable to your stated goals. They have an ALL ACCESS Backstage Pass to your life.

Remember… You hold the Access Key to your family and friends dreams & goals. Unleash The Power of WHO Today!


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